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The Highway 41 Pheasant Festival association is hosting its third annual hunt this Fall! The festival will consist of an all-day pheasant hunt, and banquet with a catered supper, refreshments and raffles.

Proceeds from the event will be going towards local community projects. The Oyen community will be supporting a local playground while the Consort community will be supporting their local pool.



Registration will open on April 1!


There will be a registration check on the night before the hunt, October 22, 2022.


Starting Saturday morning, pheasants will be rounded up and released at 30 different private land sites.


The hunt will run from 10 am until 4 pm.


A banquet will be held on Saturday night in Oyen, AB.

This brings us to here--> OCTOBER 22, 2022!

That is when our second annual pheasant festival will be held. In terms of the format, we will be keeping it mostly the same as last year (full day hunt, 40 roosters per team, teams of 6 hunters and two dog handlers, a banquet to follow).

This year the village of Consort will be hosting the banquet. Registration will also take place at a single location in Consort the night before. Hunting locations will still be spread out along Highway 41 between Consort.

Event proceeds will be put towards a spring hen conservation release as well as local community projects.



Register your team (6 hunters + 2 dog handlers) for $1550 (plus applicable taxes)

There is also individual registration, for $350 (plus applicable taxes)


We will be hosting our own online registration this year so the service fees will be lower. You can register by going to our website. If you would like to enter over the phone or have any questions please call;

Roger Johnson at     1-403-575-0577

Jason Fisher             1-403-575-0021

Brad Feddick            1-403-575-8252

We are still ironing out some of the details but I hope to see you guys in October! Please tell your hunting buddies, friends and neighbours about us so we can continue putting on this event! There are also volunteer and sponsorship opportunities available if you know anyone interested.

Well, thanks for reading through this incredibly long email. I just wanted to let you guys know about early bird registration in case you are interested!








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